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Community Credit provides the expert financial information you need for investments, saving money, retirement, personal loans, car loans, payday loans, mortgage loans and managing your credit. Managing your personal finances is just like operating a small business. You have income and you have savings and expenses that must be matched. You want to have control of your cash flow every day and have a plan for the future. Here you will find tips and recommendations to help you be a better personal finance manager.

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Oct 20, 2016
Is this the end of investing as we know it?
Alanna Petroff
An investing earthquake is underway and it's threatening to end traditional money management as we know it.
Investors are pouring their money into so-called passive index funds that blindly track market indexes using computers.
It's a shift that is coming at the expense of funds that are run by mere mortals, aka invesment managers, who try to pick stocks that will outperform the market.
The trend is especially pronounced in the United States, where 28% of the industry's $17 trillion in assets are currently invested in passive funds, up from just 13% in 2008, according to data from market research firm Morningstar. More info...

Oct 19, 2016
Social Security at Stake on Nov. 8
social secturity
There is no overstating the extent to which Americans rely on Social Security. The program provides monthly benefits to some 60 million people, mostly retirees for whom the modest payments about $1,300 a month on average represent half to all of their income. As the population ages in coming decades, Social Security will only become more important and, unfortunately, less reliable. According to the latest projections, the system will come up short in 2034, unless reforms are undertaken before then to strengthen its finances. More info...

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