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Sep 24, 2016
Health Care Deserves More Attention on the Campaign Trail
NY Times
The reaction to opening a medical bill these days is often shock and confusion — for the insured and the uninsured. Prices and deductibles keep rising, policies are drowning in fine print, and doctors are jumping on and off networks. So why hasn’t the growing burden of health care gotten more attention in the presidential campaign?

One reason may be the sheer complexity of the system. Yet Hillary Clinton, if you look closer at her proposals, has a range of interesting ideas on how to tackle costs and improve care. Donald Trump, meanwhile, rarely ventures beyond his “end Obamacare” slogan. More info...

Sep 17, 2016
Five Massive Trends Towards The Customer-Centric Future Of Personal Finance
Andy Swan

I cover the stock market, investing, and technology.

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There are currently more entrepreneurs (and their venture capitalist backers) focused on improving the financial experiences for people around the world than at any time in history. The pace of change is accelerating, and massive disruptions are just around the corner.

We foresee disruptive potential from five very powerful undercurrents in financial services innovation.

Managing accounts from anywhere

It’s hard to believe that you can instantly hail a driver from your phone, but still have to login on a desktop computer (or worse– mail in paper forms!) to open, transfer or make changes to financial accounts. More info...

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